Adventures of the Past


Walk in the Steps of the Past

No matter what your history interests are, there are so many places to visit! Here are just a few of my favorites:

American Cruise Lines - Gorgeous river cruises all over the United States that focus on different parts of History

Gettysburg, PA - Drive through the fields where this 3 day battle was fought, visit the home of the only civilian casualty in the 3 day battle and see the spot where Lincoln stayed before his famous address was given.

Philadelphia, PA - Are you all about the Revolutionary War? Then you must see the National Constitution Center, Museum of the American Revolution, and independence Hall! Been there, done that? What about the Eastern State Penitentiary, African American Museum and Franklin Institute? I can keep going if you need more reasons to visit this amazing city.

St. Augustine, FL - Growing up in the North, imagine my surprise when I found out that Jamestown was not the first settlement in America! Walk around the Castillo de San Marcos and marvel at the beautiful Coquina walls. See the site of the first village at The Fountain of Youth. Shop around the historic St. George Street.

Boston, MA - Anyone for some Tea? This area is not only home to so many sites of the Revolutionary War, but is just a short drive away from other historical locations, including Salem and Plymouth. 

Washington, D.C. - Capitol of our great Nation with such a rich, historical past! Smithsonian Museums, monuments and memorials, Ford's Theater, International Spy Museum...and all that is just in a few city blocks!  Arlington National Cemetery and Mount Vernon are a short drive away. 

New York City, NY- A city with very deep roots in history, there is something for everyone in NYC. Ellis Island, Statue of Liberty, and Ground Zero for a love of history, plenty to see for the architecture aficionados and a show on Broadway to finish out the day.