Souvenirs that Caught my Eye

This past weekend, I spent a couple days in my former home of Orlando, Florida visiting with friends. While there, I took a quick evening jaunt over to Epcot to catch my most favorite fireworks show of all time (IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth!! It is just so wonderful, I could listen to that score all day), explore the countries briefly and check out the newest merchandise.  Here are a couple of my top picks for newer and awesome souvenirs for you to take home. 

The Figment Cap: While I have always enjoyed the Chip, Dale and Stitch versions of these hats, I was happy to see the lovable Figment getting some attention in this department. When I worked at Disney, one of my favorite things was to look really scared at a guest and say "Don't be alarmed, but there is something eating your head!!!!", which always got a chuckle out of them. 

Price: $24.99

Patterned Coffee Mugs: Now I thought these mugs are very pretty, but I am very picky about my mugs. I find these particular ones to be unbalanced and the handles to be too thin. If you use these on a regular basis, I would be afraid they would break at the handle. I have seen this happen to some Disney mugs in the past, which makes me a bit cautious. 

Price: $14.99

Baymax Coffee Mug: My last item is this interesting but awesomely shaped mug! While it has an adorable exterior, what got me the most was the inside. The emotions on the inside will show as you drink your coffee, signifying you "getting happier" the more you drink. I thought this was just adorable and if I already did not have several more mugs than I needed, I would have bought it. 

Price: $19.99

Is there anything new out that you are interested in? Now that I am not living in the area anymore, I will definitely be utilizing the Shop Parks app!