The Holidays at Sea World Orlando

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The Friendly Bumble

The Friendly Bumble

I have enjoyed the holidays at Sea World for several years now, but was excited to find some new offerings this season and wanted to share them with you

First, the inclusion of the beloved characters from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is a fun addition. Within the Christmas Market there is a path that goes off telling the story of Rudolph with pop-up pictures, games and character meet and greets. Guests have the opportunity to meet Rudolph, Clarice, Bumble and Yukon Cornelius and play games to win stuffed animals of them and some of the toys from The Island of Misfit Toys. The area was a bit narrow to walk through, but they did have ambassadors in many locations to assist with getting around. 

Another big change this year that I was excited to see when I walked in was the Event Guides. Taking a move out of the Epcot playbook, Sea World has created a small booklet for you to walk around with highlighting all the holiday events. This has information on shows and activities as well as special edible treats available throughout the park.

To help you enjoy those edible treats are new Tasting and Brew Packages. These packages allow you to taste your way around the holiday treats and craft brews in smaller portions, allowing you to try more and save some money! There are two packages; the Red Sampler package that gets you 5 food or brew samples for $20 or the Gold Sampler package that gets you 10 samples for $35. 

As I was only going to be in the park for a couple hours, I tried the Red Sampler. The sample packages are available for use throughout the day as select merchants, but I was more interested in trying out the holiday fare, which only opens at 5pm. The booths that offer samples have a Star icon on them, however there are a lot of places that have these stars and only offer the beers and no food for samples. As I was looking into trying food only this time around, this did throw me off. After further examination of the Event Guide, I was able to see what locations had the food I wanted to try and was able to plan accordingly.

Here are what my 5 samples were used on: 

So Delicious!!

So Delicious!!

  1. Chipotle Chicken Taco at Seafire - Has quite a spice to it, but with an excellent flavor combination, and not too small for the sample.
  2. Pulled Pork French Fry Cone in Christmas Market- While the sample size didn't come in a cone, it was quite a delicious treat!
  3. Warm Apple Crisp in Christmas Market- By far the best value, this apple crisp was served in a waffle cone and was the same size as the $5.99 cone given to other guests. Quite messy to eat but OH so delicious!
  4. Kettle Corn in Rudolph's Christmastown- Smaller sized bag, but still a decent sized treat, was taken home by my travel buddy
  5. Salted Pretzel Bites at Pretzel Kitchen - smaller portion, about 6 of their salted pretzel nuggets, but it sounded like I could have also gotten the cinnamon ones if I had asked. 

For $20, I was quite full after all the snacking and felt like I tried a fair amount. There were still things I would have liked to try (S'mores cone or the Short Rib Mac and Cheese) but I was satisfied with the Red package for 1 person in a couple hours of park time. 

If you have any questions about my adventures in Sea World or would be interested in booking one of your own, please comment below or send me an email!