New SeaWorld Prices for 2016

Posted by the Orlando Sentinel and buzzed across the internet, SeaWorld in Orlando is changing its price structure for the new year.


In a tactic to make ticket buying more simple according to executives, SeaWorld is consolidating their offers and promotions. Tickets online will be $79 for any day of the week as opposed to the different prices from weekdays to weekends. The ticket at the gate price will remain at $99.

There is also now a "Length of Stay" ticket that allows guests to access four of the Florida theme parks for two weeks, SeaWorld and Aquatica in Orlando and Busch Gardens and Adventure Island in Tampa. This ticket will be $139 per month. My confusion is why it is being listed as $139 a month when the tickets is only good for the two weeks. I am hoping to find out the answer to this question soon. 

When buying your tickets online, you can pay an extra $20 and get tickets to other company theme parks, including Busch Gardens.  And for those interested in an Annual Pass, there has been a slight increase from $156 per year to $168 per year, changing the payment plan option to $14 a month. With this change however, there will be new perks for pass members with a reward each month. Who doesn't love that!?

I highly recommend taking a trip to see this park while visiting Orlando, they treat their guests with respect and have many exciting attractions. Look for future posts about SeaWorld coming soon.