Run to the Dark Side!

As a previous half-marathoner, I have grown to really enjoy the Disney races...well, at least the ones in Walt Disney World, but that is another story....

As a Star Wars nerd since the age of 6, I have a great interest in the sci-fi world that is now in the possession of my other great nerd passion - Disney. 

As you can imagine, my geeking-out rating was OFF THE CHARTS today as Disney made this announcement: 

Photo Credit: Disney

Photo Credit: Disney

"Star Wars Half Marathon Event in Walt Disney World in 2016

This intergalactic quest through the Walt Disney World Resort blasts off April 14-17, 2016 and channels the Dark Side of the Force. Events include a 5K, 10K, kids’ races and half marathon. There will also be a Star Wars Dark Side Challenge — running the 10K and the half marathon on consecutive days – that offers each finisher a Death Star-themed medal.

Runners who join the Galactic Empire will enjoy a true Star Wars experience, including Dark Side-inspired medals and merchandise throughout the weekend.

The new race follows the debut of the popular Star Wars-themed race at Disneyland®  Resort, which will return in January as the “Star Wars Half Marathon – the Light Side”.

Guests who dare to experience both Star Wars races will have the chance to take on the Kessel Run Challenge — completing the Star Wars half marathon missions on both coasts. Kessel Run Challenge runners can earn a commemorative "Coast to Coast'' medal inspired by the Millennium Falcon starship.

Registration for “Star Wars Half Marathon – the Dark Side” opens Sept. 22, 2015 at noon ET."

So who is going to sign up? Comment and let me know! I am so excited that I may have to look into lacing up those running shoes once again!