One Locked Door, One Hour to Escape

Ok, no, this is not a new Saw movie coming out, but a fun way to spend an afternoon! I was a little wary when Mike told me about what we were doing, but it was a great time in the end! What am I talking about exactly? The new trend in social experiences and games, escape rooms. 

I had no idea about it until last Saturday, but apparently this has been a growing trend, with 5 different gaming locations in Orlando alone. Mike's location of choice is in the heart of Orlando, blocks away from Lake Eola, at The Great Escape Room.

The rooms at this location are Sherlock Holmes themed (the main reason Mike chose this particular one) with two to choose from, Sherlock's Study and The Gameroom. There are other locations both in Florida and across the country that offer another room, The Infirmary. As it was Mike's and my first time trying anything like this, we opted for the beginners room, Sherlock's Study. Finding the place is not too hard, but you have to be paying attention. There is a sign on the wall by the door and a standing sign on the sidewalk, the only ways to find the location.

We made it! Not much time left, but our group got out!! PHOTO CREDIT: MIKE KELLEHER

We made it! Not much time left, but our group got out!! PHOTO CREDIT: MIKE KELLEHER

When we arrived, we signed a wavier and waited for the other guests to arrive. We had eight total in our room, but you can have up to ten. Once everyone showed up, we headed into our room. We actually got to start a few minutes early which was nice. Once in the room, your belongings go into a basket and you get your instructions from the associate who will be in the room with you for the whole hour. 

Your goal? Figure out all of the puzzles in the room so that you can escape! You much search the room to find the clues you need to solve the puzzles, and I mean thoroughly search! We were taking apart pieces of furniture and objects in the room, it was nuts! I cannot give away any more details than that, I do not want to ruin the game for you. 

The one downside to this particular location is that the entrance is up a flight of stairs and that is the sole entrance. I had emailed the company to make sure that I did not miss anything and they said that unfortunately there was no elevators. 

Tickets are around $28 per person, but I have noticed they are cheaper on the weekdays, sometimes running around $23. Get to the location about 15 minutes early and plan on being there about 5 minutes or so after for an explanation and photo opportunities. To see more information on the Great Escape Room, visit their website here

What are your thoughts on the Escape Rooms? Have you ever tried one?