Florida Mall Expansion

Today I went to the Florida Mall to see some of the new stores and what they have to offer and WOW was I impressed! I haven't been to that mall in a while but I found a lot there. 

First, the Dining Pavilion, with a HUGE amount of seating both indoor and outdoor, and over 15 different food choices.  I had trouble deciding if I should go to A&W for some classic food, test the cheesesteaks at Charley's Philly Steaks (I'm from the Philly area and still looking for my new favorite steak down here) or try a more Asian flavor. And these don't count the Barbecue place that will be opening soon on the outskirts as well as others in the area. 

After eating there, I walked around to the new Crayola Experience to get a feel. The store itself has a good amount of merchandise to choose from and opens semi-directly into the area to purchase tickets for the Experience. I talked to the ticket sellers first, finding out that there are discounts for AAA and Military and both children and adults were $19.99, plus tax. 

Going back into the store area, I met manager Beth, who was kind enough to answer a few questions for me. 

Target Audience: While everything in the area can be for adults and children, the main target audience is 2 to 8 years of age. She wanted to emphasize though that it is not just for that age and she has found many adults who have had a great time and wished there were something like this when they were younger. 

Accessible for those with disabilities: all attractions are considered accessible and none feature strobe lights or intense noises. The areas can be loud due to guest noise. 

Dietary Restrictions at the Cafe: They will be offering a gluten free pizza, however as of opening day, it had not arrived yet. Otherwise, the salads and sandwiches offered and mention any difficulties you may have to the staff. 

I also tried to download their app that their info guide was showing, however it does not seem to display in the iTunes store yet.

Overall, I had a good impression and I think that the Crayola Experience will be a fun and interactive experience for families! 

I really enjoyed my time at the Florida Mall and look forward to going back soon and spending some time there as more stores and restaurants open up.