Draw "Anger" From the new Disney/Pixar Movie, Inside Out!

I just had to share this video with you for 2 reasons!  1. I am a fan of the facts and art background within Disney's Hollywood Studios, especially after teaching their YES Art History program. and 2. Mike hosts it and he is a good colleague of mine from back in my YES program days!

Disney's Art of Animation building has so many interactive experiences, and yet people always seem to miss it when they visit Disney's Hollywood Studios.  In this attraction, you can watch a video (a rather hilarious video I might add) about how an animated movie is made, put your voice talents into a movie scene of your own, meet several Disney characters and, like in this video, learn to draw many different characters!

If you draw "Anger", please take a picture of it and post it for us to see, I am watching the video now and will post my picture in the comments shortly. 

Edit: Here's My rendition of Anger! No pencils in the hotel room, so pen had to do. Post yours in the comments below! 

drawing anger