Adventurer Tips: Feeding a Seal/Sea Lion

Trays of Fish

When visiting SeaWorld, there are some very unique experiences you get to try, including feeding some of their more interesting animals like the sting ray, dolphin, seal and sea lion.  At Pacific Point Preserve, the seals and sea lions have a great time swimming and playing on the rocks...and eating, they love eating! You can buy a tray of fish to feed to them, but here are some tips before your first try:

Photo Credit: Ashlie Anctil

Photo Credit: Ashlie Anctil

  • Find shade if you can! This area has barely any cover and it gets quite warm
  • Watch the Birds!! They will try to snag fish whenever possible!
  • The fish are cold! Be aware of that when you go to pick them up for the first time
  • As soon as you get your fish, fold the bowl up like a taco in your hand. This will make it more difficult for the opportunistic birds to fly by and grab them. 
  • Once you have found a spot at the rail, make sure there are some seals or sea lions around to feed. 
  • When you have a target, hold the fish like a dart and throw it right into their mouth. This trajectory will help for the animal you want to get it and not one of those birds. 
  • DO NOT dangle your fish out in your fingers; the birds will get it.
  • DO NOT look the fish in the eye; it will make you not want to feed it to the seals and sea lions anymore. 
  • Once you are done feeding them, put your tray in the garbage and wash your hands at the sinks by the fish stand. 

Any questions? Let me know about your experiences feeding the animals at SeaWorld and if you want to try this for yourself, send me a message to start planning your trip today!