Zuri's Sweet Shop is the Place for Poop!

Ok, I know you are thinking "Who on Earth wants poop?!", but just hear me out. 

The new sweet shop in Animal Kingdom's Harambe Market opened on Wednesday and there is quite the plethora of new treats! Some new pre-packaged items include Gummy Spiders, Candy Rocks, Chocolate Mini Crocodiles and a very wide array of new popcorn flavors (African Spice, Harissa, and Curry just to name a few). They are even selling bottles of the Flame Tree Barbecue sauce!

The fresh baked goods counter is the place to find the unique treats. Caramel apples that look like monkeys or elephants, hippo marshmallow pops, cookies shaped like animals and cake pops are some of the delicious desserts. The best, and most intriguing by far, has to be the Animal Poop. 

There are four kinds: Hippo, Elephant, Giraffe and Cotton Top Tamarin. According to Mona, the fabulous Cast Member that talked with us, Giraffe seems to be the favorite among the cast who was testing it. She even has it certified by Animal Kingdom's experts that these specimens look like the real deal. 

I know, EEWWWWWW, but listen to what is in them: 

  • Cotton Top Tamarin Poop: Pretzel circles in chocolate peanut butter fudge with sweet rolled oats
  • Elephant Poop: Chocolate peanut butter fudge with sweet rolled oats and coconut flakes
  • Giraffe Poop: Rolled chocolate brownie and caramel 
  • Hippo Poop: Chocolate fudge caramel brownie with peanut butter and rolled oats

So no, they are not real poop, but wow do they look like the real deal! I was lucky enough to have my dear friends the Mayzum family with me to try these interesting treats, and I was so excited that they were as pumped about this as I was!

Our reactions can be seen on the YouTube video, but here are some notes: 

  • Giraffe was moist and fudgy, but just a little too soft for some of us because of the caramel
  • Elephant and Hippo were both texturally balanced, it just depends on what you like mixed in
  • Cotton Top Tamarin was very crunchy and we first thought the round parts were nuts and not pretzels.

I would be interested to hear what you think if you go to try these new and unique Animal Kingdom delicacies. A HUGE thank you to John, Mandy Jo, Kenzie and Jacob for experiencing this adventure with me! I am certainly looking forward to visiting Zuri's Sweet Shop again in the future; Great job Animal Kingdom!!